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Installing My First Solar Panel

My name is Brett Norman and I started this blog to teach people how to make solar panels and bring information about diy solar panels to as many people as I can. The concept of powering your home independent of the power companies using completely free energy is fascinating. Unfortunately, solar panels are priced through the roof and power companies suppress the fact that you can make solar panels for your home for pennies on the dollar.

But that’s why I’m here. I took an interest in building my own solar panels in 2009 after I decided I was fed up with shelling out my hard earned money on something that I can harvest on my own. My first panel was… sub par. It took me a lot longer than it should have and it really never functioned to it’s full potential. I had no real guidance other than small pieces of information and short “how-to” websites I found on the internet. I managed to shave a couple dollars off of my electrical bill but it wasn’t worth the hours I put into it.


Current Progress (08/21/2012)

I was not about to give up on my solar dream. I knew that with enough professionally built diy solar panels I could power my entire house. At that point, I did a lot more research on how to build a solar panel. I eventually stumbled across Green DIY Energy. I went ahead and paid for it knowing that I could return it within two months if things didn’t work out for me.

After a few Saturdays I had six soar panels installed on the roof of my house. I saved thousands of dollars on the panels and lots of money every month thereafter. I then took the money I saved on my electric bill and reinvested it back into making even more solar panels. I now have eighteen highly efficient solar panels mounted on my roof, bringing my electrical bill down by 84%!

If you’re interested in how to build solar panels, I documented my process here. Please note that I am not an electrician and you should not follow my vague outline on it’s own. If you want more information about Green DIY Energy or other DIY guides, check out our review page. There are some guides that you should stay away from. That said, if you have any questions about making your own solar panels please feel free to contact me! If you have reviewed a DIY solar guide send it my way and I’ll post it to the site. Best of luck! — Brett

Why Use a Guide?

  • Save money by using secret techniques and low cost materials.

  • Use professional tactics to prevent yourself from frying your electrical system.

  • Complete information covering every step with video demonstrations and detailed text guides.

  • Defeat the power companies and achieve energy independence.

  • Have access to a professional support system.

  • No risk! Most guides have a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.



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